Management System Policy

  • Guarantee client satisfaction through a wide array of tailored services and innovative, quality, safe and effective products;

  • Optimize process and Management (Quality Management System) performance through the best possible use of available resources and technologies and through effective planning, in order to obtain business advantage;

  • Efficiently distribute resources to internal activities in order to promote value creation to shareholders while constantly monitoring economical and financial performance and continuously improving internal processes to obtain productivity;

  • Anticipate and diversify, through permanent and close market follow up, in order to continuously adapt product and service offer to its demand, allowing an oriented activity to “innovation at client’s demand”;

  • Promote scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial activities management (including new technology investment) aligned with Innovation implementation;

  • Ensure regulatory compliance (legal, normative and other requirements);

  • Promote continuous improvement regarding environment performance through identification and control of environment aspects controlled by the organization and under its influence, regarding organization’s products and services offer and preventing pollution;

  • Promote continuous improvement regarding safety and health conditions at workplace, through activity risk identification and accident occurrence prevention;

  • Promote employee communication and participation regarding the organization’s objectives.

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